Get Connected!

Why is it so Important to go to my Building’s 10 Minute Meetings?

At 10 minute meetings, your building representatives will connect you with a variety of information that applies to your membership. Whether it is upcoming negotiations information, new membership benefits, or building-level updates, this information is meant for YOU to hear! Building representatives will also come to you with the latest information on:

  • MEA Social Events
  • Contractual Information
  • Important MEA Leadership Information
  • MEA Member Benefits
  • Legislative Updates

Not sure who your REP is??? Click here to find your building on our website list.

District-Wide Circles for Adults

Consider attending one of the many circles hosted by Renise Washington. Circles include topics such as Self-Care, Race & Restorative Practices, Navigating the School as a Teacher of Color, Stress/Decompressing, and more. See flyer below!