Member Benefits

Welcome back to a new year of member benefits!

Building representatives will receive member cards at the September Rep Council meeting. Please notify Eileen Godbout at b32egodb@mpspride if you do not get your card.

The MEA is happy to welcome over 50 new members this year. That brings us to over 700 members! The National Education Association has about three million members and a team of professionals trying to score every possible discount on your behalf. We want you to take full advantage of the NEA/CEA member resources.

April 2020 Update

Over the past few weeks our world and our profession have completely changed. Rest assured that during this time of great uncertainty your union, at every level, is working to protect you.

Kate, Shelley, and other MEA/CEA/NEA leaders have been helping to shape policy as it is being written. They will continue to redefine roles and work to improve conditions as situations evolve.The CEA has worked with Gov. Lamont to make sure that teachers’ needs are taken into consideration along with our top priority, student safety.

CEA continues to provide member services. Recently the CEA Retirement Workshop scheduled for Enfield was changed to an online presentation. 

NEA has many online resources including information about how the U.S. Department of Education has waived standardized testing requirements for the current school year,  How K-12 Schools Should Prepare for Coronavirus and Schools and Coronavirus: What You Should Know.

Please visit CEA’s coronavirus information page daily for the latest news on the crisis, including Governor Lamont’s daily briefings, as well as resources and guidelines to help you provide continual learning for your students.

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At NEA Click & Save, you can find discounts from well-known retailers such as Kohl’s, Sears, Macy’s and many more. And when you shop, you earn reward points—called WOWPoints—which you can apply toward future purchases. Collectively, NEA members have saved more than $10 million just by shopping through NEA Click & Save!

To find out more about the kinds of everyday items you can buy through NEA Click & Save, read our popular article titled 10 Everyday Discounts You’re Missing Out On. And shop with our infographic The Best Times to Buy Just About Anything to time your purchases to get the best deal.

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